Why Are There So Many Spiders in My Home?

Solutions to your spider problems for customers in the Rowlett, Rockwall, Wylie, Sachse and surrounding areas.

Are you dealing with spiders in your home and wondering why they are there, or where they could possibly be coming from in your Sachse/Wylie home? Continue reading to learn more about spider habits and how to prevent them from entering your home. You can also contact Sachse and Wylie’s preferred pest control company Preferred Pest Management below this article for professional support.

The most common spiders we receive calls about in the Sachse/Wylie, Texas and surrounding areas include: Black Widow and Brown Recluse Spiders; these two species of spiders are dangerous and you should hire a professional to help you eliminate them and discuss preventative measures to ensure they do not enter your home. 

Then there are Wolf Spiders and common house spiders. These two are not dangerous species of spiders and pose no threat to you or your loved ones, however with a few DIY tactics along with a good pest control program, you can prevent most if not all of these spiders from entering your Sachse/Wylie home as well.

Coming soon, we will have our Preferred Pest Indentifier on our website, that way when you come across your next 8 legged friend, you will have an excellent identification tool to help you determine how dangerous the spider in your home is. 

Now to solutions! Here are a list of solutions for you DIYers who want to try and help your pest control professional keep spiders out of your home:

  • Store wood, such as logs, scrap wood, etc. away from your home. Tip: This also helps prevent a future termite infestation!
  • Store foods that could attract spider prey (such as ants) away and seal tight containers.
  • Keep your home clutter clean, that way it is easier to keep webbing in your home to minimal. The more uncomfortable the spiders are, the less likely they are to stay and reproduce in your home.
  • Seal entry points on the outside of your home such as around freezer boards, weep holes etc. Tip: Do not seal up weep holes with caulking as they are designed to help your home breathe, instead we suggest Xcluder to stuff the weep holes. 
  • Make sure your home has no leaking plumbing, if so get it fixed. This is because leaking plumbing, like food in a kitchen unsealed, will attract the spider’s prey, and thus introduce spiders to your home. Plus spiders need moisture as well.
  • Install screens and weatherstripping to doors and windows. Weatherstripping usually needs to be changed every few years not just to prevent spiders, but to help prevent general pests as well, not to mention help prevent the cold or hot air from entering your home at ease.
  • sweep and dust away webs as it will help to deter spiders from staying in your home. At Preferred Pest Management, we provide this service as part of our general pest control plan.

If you do all of this and are still not achieving the results you desire (a spider free home) contact Preferred Pest Management to help eliminate your issue. 

The Best Way to Eliminate Spiders and Their Pest Prey in Your Sachse/Wylie, TX Home

Your preferred pest control experts at Preferred Pest Management know all too well about the spider presence in the Sachse/Wylie and surrounding areas of the North/East Dallas suburbs, and we continue to help hundreds of residents get rid of them. Once we do a detailed inspection around your home, we will create a personalized plan to fit the specific needs of your home, to eliminate the spider infestation. This plan will include web removal, dust application in cracks and crevices, glue board monitoring, and liquid residual products implementation around the exterior of your home. Our services include a 365 day guarantee and follow-up treatments every three months.

To learn more about the services we have to offer at Preferred Pest Management, feel free to check out our website, social media, you may also submit the form below and the owner of Preferred Pest Management will reach out to you directly to help you take your home back from pests today.

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