Our Rat Control Service in Dallas, TX

Rats pose a well-known problem in the Dallas, TX metroplex, and their ability to infiltrate homes can result in significant financial damages.

Whether you aim to proactively prevent rat entry or require assistance in exterminating them, Preferred Pest Management offers tailored solutions to reclaim your home from these rodents.

Our comprehensive services encompass rat removal and extermination, ensuring effective rat control measures.

Rat Control

Our Unique Approach To Rat Control in Dallas, TX

When it comes to rat control services, Preferred Pest Management follows a three step program to provide the best rat control in Dallas.

1. identify the issue and entry points

Upon arrival at your home, Preferred Pest Management conducts a thorough inspection, encompassing the entire premises. Our experts diligently assess potential points of entry through which rats may be infiltrating your home.

Additionally, we identify any conducive conditions that could have attracted these rodents to your property. This meticulous evaluation allows us to develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to your specific rat control needs.

2. Rat Baiting and TRAPPING

Catching rats is a vital step in a rat control program. However, catching rats can prove to be a challenging task. In fact, baiting them can often be more effective than relying solely on traps for capture.

At Preferred Pest Management, our traps are accompanied by a homemade bait, developed in the Plano, TX area, that boasts exceptional longevity.

This bait can endure for up to a year on a single trap, providing prolonged benefits to homeowners even after our initial rat service has been completed.

3. Seal up the home to prevent future rat entry

Once the rats have either been captured or have vacated your home, Preferred Pest Management takes it a step further by conducting a comprehensive rodent exclusion job.

This meticulous process ensures that not only rats but all types of rodents and wildlife are prevented from accessing your home in the future.

By implementing these preventive measures, we provide you with the ultimate peace of mind, safeguarding your home from future intrusions.

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Based on 115 reviews
Tammy Porter
Tammy Porter
Very professional and takes their time to inform you of all services needed and any questions that you may have.
Jc Powell
Jc Powell
Griffin was fantastic and knowledgeable about his service and explaining what he was going to do and the expected results. It’s great to have a contractor who cares about his craft like Griffin does. Glad to have him protecting my house.
Christian Scoby
Christian Scoby
Great service, very knowledgeable and started seeing results immediately! A satisfied customer!
Josh Gideon
Josh Gideon
Great experience with Preferred Pest. I try to support small businesses and local business owners rather than the large chains when I can, and I am very happy I was able to hire the team at Preferred Pest. I originally called and spoke to Griffin, who I later found out to be the owner. He spent 15 - 20 minutes with me on the phone explaining their different services and pricing along with the pros and cons of each service in a non-pressured way. He also answered all my questions about our pets and the best way to go about using pest control to be safe with all our 5 animals. He was even able to get our house in the route the next day. Upon arriving he explained everything he would be doing and why to my wife and I in a way that made us feel confident as we know nothing about this kind of thing (especially as first time home owners). He spent the next hour or so setting up termite protection, rodent traps, spraying the yard for mosquitos, and taking care of the interior areas we had noticed issues. Finally he made the payment super easy, exactly the amount he told me on the phone (which was very reasonably priced compared to other companies I researched) and let us know the schedule of monthly/quarterly services and when they'd be back again for the next service. Overall, I would highly recommend them!
LeAnn Akins
LeAnn Akins
Griffen is great. He is friendly, knowledgeable, pleasant, and a good business man. He’s there to serve the client and gets the job done. So blessed to have found his service! My ant problem is now no longer a problem.
Fetima Atkins
Fetima Atkins
Very good service.
Anthony Lim
Anthony Lim
Griffin was a pleasure to work with and very understanding with the urgency of my request. With the deadline of a closing contract approaching he was fair in evaluating my home and meeting the demands of the new buyer. His work is thorough and honest. A top choice for the area.
Kimberly Pope
Kimberly Pope
We are so glad we found Griffin!! We live in a brand new house and I noticed some mouse droppings in the garage as well as an actual mouse that scared the bagezus out of me. The pest company we were using at the time came out to inspect and give a quote for getting rid of the pesky critters. I (the wife) met with him for the inspection, (knowing I was totally freaked out) he told me all they would do and gave me a quote. What a crock-he added a bunch of checks next to unnecessary boxes, adding up to over $1,300. Obviously, I felt taken advantage of. This is when we called Griffin to get a second opinion. Wow-glad we did!! Right off the bat we felt comfortable with him in our home. He was very professional, on time, respectful and friendly. He actually “taught” us instead of “telling” us what needed to be done and why. Less boxes checked (actually no boxes checked😁), great price and he is coming back tomorrow to check up on the bait stations and traps he placed the initial visit. My husband is the owner of a small business, so we like to support other small businesses. Griffin is the owner, he is the one that comes out and inspects, he is the one who informs and he is the one takes care of everything. He has a great back story, easily relatable and trustworthy. We plan on canceling our other service to go with Preferred Pest. Thank you Griffin!! Chris and Kim Pope Heath, Texas

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Rowlett, TX

Zip Codes: 75089, 75088

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Zip Codes: 75189

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