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Located just north of Rockwall, TX, Lavon, TX has been recognized as one of the fastest growing communities in US, and we are proudly servicing Lavon, TX residents, keeping your home pest and rodent free.

Many people find Lavon as a beautiful place to raise a family. It is located just north of Rockwall, TX. A captivating city with a wide variety of attractions, Rockwall, TX, reels in many tourists for its sights and sounds and the many activities one can do here. It is also known as the “Free Live Music Capital of North Texas.”

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All things considered, the charm of the city and the warm weather almost year-round attracts many tourists. Unfortunately, the same weather that makes Lavon so attractive to residents also brings in all kinds of pests and rodents. The most common pests in Rockwall, TX, are termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, roaches, ants, wasps and rodents such as mice, rats, skunks, squirrels and raccoons.

If any of these common pests have invaded your home or business property, give Preferred Pest Control a call today and let our team of highly-trained pest control professionals help them find their way out!

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You might be wondering, “are your pest control services offered where I live?” Well if you live in Lavon you’re in luck! We offer high quality pest and rodent control services to the following neighborhoods: