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How to Get Rid of Rats

Take your home back from Rats quickly! Where Do Rats Come From and How to Get Rid of Rats FAST! If you are reading this article right now you are probably either winding down for the evening, or just waking up getting ready to enjoy a nice cup of coffee when all of the sudden […]


Get Rodents Out of Your Attic

How to Get Rodents Out Of Your Attic, and Keep Them Out! Did you know that rodents from squirrels, to rats, mice and other forms of wildlife cause an estimated 20 BILLION dollars per year in damages to US homeowners and business owners? We have noticed an increase in activity yet again in the Dallas, Texas area. Specifically in […]

fire ant

Where Do Fire Ants Come From and How to Get Rid of Them?

Spring is just a few weeks away, and out of all of the pests that can give you headaches and pains in the Plano area, Fire Ants are arguably the worst of all. Most of the stings from fire ants cause painful, itchy bumps, worse than that of mosquito bites. Fire ants generally have over […]