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Our Commercial Pest Control Service

When the weather changes the slightest in the Garland, TX area, pests and rodents start waking up looking for new grounds to settle and grow their colonies (or in the case of rodents locate their nests during nesting season).

This leaves Garland businesses at risk to the next pest or rodent infestation. These infestations can often come into your business through areas we don’t even think about such as; plumbing lines, AC lines, weep holes and other cracks and crevices around your home. If these areas go unaddressed, you are putting your customers and business at risk.

Preferred Pest Management - Pest Control, Mosquito Control & Wildlife Removal‘s commercial pest control treatments are the best in the industry and have been helping businesses in the Garland, TX area stay pest and rodent free since 2020.

Our Unique Approach to Commercial Pest Control in Garland

A commercial pest control treatment from Preferred Pest Management follows our specific three-step method:


After you contact Preferred Pest Management about your ant issue, we will come out as quickly as the same day to diagnose your issue.

First, we will inspect the direct area where you first saw the infestation. Next, we will inspect the rest of your home, inside and out to look for possible conducive conditions. This will help us locate the entry points and thus speed up the treatment process. It also helps us prevent future pest issues moving forward.


Once we have completed your inspection, we will use a combination of our safest and industry-leading chemicals including baits, to get control of the pest or rodent infestation.

The liquid chemical treatment we apply to the exterior (or interior if we are unable to treat from the exterior) of your business will provide a barrier so pests will not re-enter your business for as many as 90 days, and for rodents as long as 30-60 days.

3. Commercial pest control service Follow Up

After we complete your commercial pest service, we will work with you to make sure the pests don’t come back. If for some reason they are still a problem after one to two weeks, we suggest customers call us back for free as our services come with a 365 guarantee, as long as you remain a customer with us.


    How long does commercial bug spray last?

    The duration of effectiveness for commercial pest control sprays can vary depending on several factors, including the type of spray used, the target pests, the application method, and the environmental conditions. Different pest control sprays have different active ingredients and formulations, which can affect their longevity. At Preferred Pest Management, our commercial pest control treatments last between 30-90 days.

    What businesses need pest control the most?

    Several types of businesses commonly require pest control services due to the nature of their operations and the potential risks associated with pests. Some of the industries that typically have a higher need for pest control include: Food service industry, Healthcare facilities, Hospitality industry, Warehouse and storage facilities, Retail stores and shopping centers and educational institutions.

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